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The Real Soul Stone

The Real Soul Stone 0

In the Marvel "Avengers" movies, the soul stone is orange.

White sapphire is the rarest of sapphires because when formed, they remain untouched and unspoiled by other minerals (which give colored sapphires their tint).

We believe the real soul stone is a pure white sapphire-- signifying a soul that is clean, pure, honest, clear and unspoiled.


White Sapphire: The Rarest

White Sapphire: The Rarest 0

There are many available sapphire colors from blue to pink, yellow, green and more. But perhaps, the rarest-- and in our humble opinion, often underrated-- variant of sapphires is the pure white sapphire.

White sapphires are formed when the crystallization of aluminum oxide occurs with the total absence of any trace elements (environmental pollutants that give other sapphires their colors).

Not so white sapphire. It is pure, untouched and unspoiled.

White Sapphires: Symbolizing Everything Honest and Pure

White Sapphires: Symbolizing Everything Honest and Pure 0

White sapphires symbolize purity and honesty.  A wearer of white sapphires doesn’t need to hide what’s inside or cover up what’s outside with a disguise. If you're someone who values integrity, faithfulness, loyalty and sincerity, the white sapphire is the gemstone for you. And quite rightfully so. Let's examine more about why...


A Precious Stone For Your Precious One

A Precious Stone For Your Precious One 0

So you treasure someone and you want to show it. While diamond simulant and diamond jewelry alternatives have been slowly but steadily increasing their market share year after year for decades-- and there are many options-- we’d like to invite you to consider a choice for a natural, genuine white sapphire.