White Sapphires: Symbolizing Everything Honest and Pure

White Sapphires: Symbolizing Everything Honest and Pure

People have always believed that certain gemstones can and do symbolize specific virtues and values.

A diamond has been claimed to symbolize the desire to step forward and be all you can be. Its hardness is said to represent a strong resolve to think outside the box and move out of your comfort zone (a bit of an irony in a world where buying a diamond has become synonymous with conformity though, wouldn’t you say?!).

An emerald supposedly symbolizes the heart and a wearer or admirer making decisions based on love and compassion. It is a stone that embodies a sense of openness and a willingness to receive. To some, it even attracts abundance and wealth.

A ruby, on the other hand, has been upheld as the gemstone that symbolizes passion, confidence and determination. Adherents to gem energy studies believe the red ruby will boost your energy and drive. As such, there’s no surprise it is sometimes referred to as the gemstone of go-getters and achievers.

White sapphires... well that's a special kind of stone.

A special enough stone, frankly, that we’ve put thousands of hours into building the world’s premier online jewelry store focused almost exclusively on just white sapphires!

White sapphires symbolize purity and honesty.

A wearer of white sapphires doesn’t need to hide what’s inside or cover up what’s outside with a disguise.

If you're someone who values integrity, faithfulness, loyalty and sincerity, the white sapphire is the gemstone for you.

And quite rightfully so.

Unlike moissanites-- which are semi-precious gemstones-- and cubic zirconia which are imitation gemstone simulants, white sapphires are actual real precious stones.

In fact, of all the varieties of sapphires, white sapphires are actually the rarest.

Although they are not as commercially valuable as padparadscha sapphires or as prized in jewelry as the traditionally elegant blue sapphires, white sapphires hold their own as precious gemstones.

Ranking 9 in the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness, white sapphires are second only to diamonds when it comes to durability. Yes, you can wear jewelry made with genuine white sapphire gemstones every day.

And, although not as brilliant and shiny as natural diamonds, white sapphires exude a different kind of luster.

Some say if a diamond sparkles like the sun in summer, white sapphires shine like a full moon in winter.

Classy, subtle, elegant-- that's how white sapphires are commonly described.

The natural white sapphire won't always sparkle so much to grab a stranger’s attention, but when a genuine white sapphire gem meets his or her eyes, it will be pretty darn difficult to look away.

Whether genuine white sapphires are set onto rings, earrings, pendants or bracelets, these quality precious gemstones offer the luxurious elegance of wearing an actual precious stone - but often can come at a small fraction of the cost of either a natural diamond or some of the less-rare colored sapphires, too!

And gemstone purists who wear these stones instead of more expensive diamonds need feel no embarrassment, because white sapphires are practically in the same league.

So what's this got to do with purity, honesty, integrity, faithfulness, loyalty and sincerity?

Well, white sapphires in all their precious gemstone glory aren't priced as exorbitantly as diamonds.

While diamonds are deliberately overpriced and marketed with false scarcity to artificially push their price and up, white sapphires do not need all that smoke and mirrors.

White sapphires proudly wear their precious gemstone personality with an unpretentious price tag.

That's honesty. That's integrity.

Here at WhiteSapphire.com, we have a wide selection of precious natural white sapphires in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can have your white sapphire set on your choice of precious metal:  .925 Sterling Silver, 10K, 14K or 18K White, Yellow or Rose Gold; 950 Palladium or pure 950 Platinum.

And since we're an online-only shop and contract jewelry manufacturer -- we manufacture jewelry pieces as they are ordered -- without expensive overhead, we invite you to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars choosing one of our white sapphire jewelry designs.

WhiteSapphire.com offers the most competitive prices in the white sapphire and precious metals jewelry market, but the high quality and impeccable craftsmanship evident in our finished products set us head and shoulders above our competition.

Yes! What savings we make for not carrying inventory and not running a brick and mortar shop, we pass on to you, our customers.

Again, how's that for honesty and integrity?

Happy shopping!   

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