White Sapphire: Pure, Precious, Unspoiled

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Did you know the world’s favorite blue gemstone comes in white too?

White Sapphire is a pure and colorless type of sapphire.

This beautiful clear stone stone is the perfect complement to everything in your wardrobe. A fancy sapphire, White Sapphire has all the durability you could desire for daily-wear jewelry.

This gem is a symbol of the untroubled soul, and of clarity and purity. White Sapphire jewelry is a gift that tells your gift recipient how much you admire him/her for fidelity and honesty.

Our White Sapphire stones are popular as a lovely diamond alternative in purity rings, promise rings and engagement rings, too. Plus we have a growing catalog of full bridal sets including both engagement ring and wedding/anniversary band for her!

Indeed, White Sapphire is becoming more popular than ever today as more women discover its brilliant quality, long-lasting durability and special qualities only someone who has worn this versatile gem can truly understand.

You have three options for our White Sapphire stones:

1. $$$ Choose genuine natural White Sapphire, straight from the mine to our cutting facility and on to your door-step.
---> Genuine, hand-selected natural mined WhiteSapphire.com stones are available as loose stones or for setting in all of our finished jewelry line.

2. $$ Choose our premium lab-grown White Sapphire, grown-to-perfection with the icy color and brilliant clarity seen in the best mined gems. 
---> Premium Lab-grown WhiteSapphire.com stones are available as loose stones or for setting in all of our finished jewelry line.

3. $ Choose the best-budget alternative, standard lab-created "imitation" white sapphire stones made in a factory by our hand-selected suppliers and rated #1 value quality-for-the-price by the one and only WhiteSapphire.com.

---> High-quality imitation standard lab-created white sapphire stones are available as loose stones or for setting in all of our finished jewelry line.

Top Reasons to Love/Buy White Sapphire:

1. You like things simple and clear.
2. You want your/her purity to shine through.
3. You were born in September.
4. Your honesty is among your best qualities.
5. Your gift recipient was born in September.
6. Your anniversary is in September.
7. Your child’s birthday is in September.
8. It’s your 5th anniversary.
9. It's your 45th anniversary.
10. Diamonds aren't your best friend (anymore, if they ever were).

Want a custom "design your own" sapphire jewelry piece that's uniquely yours, and need help to hold your hand from taking your idea of what you want through design to production to delivery? We can do that! 

And our gold white sapphire rings aren't "plated" or "filled" the way so many mass-market jewelry manufacturers offer with cheap costume jewelry quality pieces just to be able to use the word "gold" in their advertisements.

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