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we love jewelry domain names- sell your jewelry domains to us!

We buy jewelry domain names because we've experienced positive-ROI results with converting natural type-in visitors to keyword domains matching jewelry products and services we sell. While www.WhiteSapphire.com is a "crown jewel" in our portfolio, we have hundreds more. But there are hundreds more jewelry domains we don't own that are quite capable of producing sales from type-in traffic visitors. Perhaps you own one of these fantastic jewelry domain names? Maybe you even have a portfolio... Let's make a deal!

Increase Monetization for Jewelry Domain Names

We are prepared to offer domain name owners with jewelry-relevant and verifiable type-in-traffic visitors significantly more money per click and visitor than domain parking if you choose to become our WhiteSapphire.com affiliate. We'll even guarantee your past monthly parking revenue for 90 days to entice you to "make the switch" to sending us your traffic via direct URL forwarding to the most applicable products or collections on our website-- without any risk of income loss.

We only offer upside profits to jewelry-related domain name owners.

Don't want to get paid in dribs and drabs as an affiliate for the next 10-20 years?

Sell Your Jewelry Domain Names Now for Cash Instead

No problem. We'll make you a cash offer to purchase your jewelry-related domain names today.

Wanted: generic product and service matching jewelry-related domains that are a) .com and b) ccTLD

We feel it's a reasonable request to ask for stats prior to making our offer.

Fair enough?

Please include a phone number and email address in your contact form submission on this page.

Hope to speak to you soon,

Mr. Sapphire
Company Co-owner
VP and CMO


We love domain names! And we love domain name investors...
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