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Which Precious Metal Is Right For Me/Her?

Which Precious Metal Is Right For Me/Her?

Although all jewelry items sold here at WhiteSapphire.com are not set with genuine diamonds, they are, nevertheless, set with genuine precious gemstones - White Sapphires. 

Like, duh… we’re called WhiteSapphire.com.

In fact, we wear and flaunt this like a badge: Say NO to overpriced diamonds, buy white sapphires!

And just as our white sapphires and genuine precious gemstones, the precious metals we use in our jewelry items are exactly that as well – PRECIOUS.

WhiteSapphire.com jewelry items are available in the following precious metals:

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • 10K White, Yellow, Rose Gold
  • 14K White, Yellow, Rose Gold
  • 18K White, Yellow, Rose Gold
  • Palladium
  • 950 Platinum

We even have 2-tone jewelry designs that incorporate 2 or more precious metals (especially different colored ones) in one jewelry item.

With the number of precious metals we have available along with the number of stone shapes and sizes to choose from, there’s virtually thousands of design configurations to choose from.

(Unable to decide which center stone shape to choose? Read our article, "Which Center Stone Shape Is Best For Me/Her?")

(Unable to decide which center stone size to go for? Read our article, "Which Center Stone Size Is Best For Me/Her?")

Understandably, a customer may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices when deciding to purchase a jewelry item, whether it be a ring, an earrings set or a pendant.

So how do you choose the right precious metal for your jewelry item?

In our experience, the choice of whether to go for sterling silver; white, yellow or rose gold; palladium; or platinum, falls first and foremost on the wearer’s preference.

Ask yourself: What color of jewelry do you see yourself wearing more commonly? What’s your skin color and which precious metal do you think compliments your skin color? Do you prefer the classic and subtle look of white metal jewelry? Do you like the flashy brilliance of yellow gold? Do you see yourself wearing rose gold jewelry?

Secondly, choosing new jewelry should also be in consideration of your existing jewelry items, as well as your existing wardrobe. Will this ring match your favorite earrings set? Will this pair of earrings compliment my necklace? Will this necklace and pendant go with that evening dress I bought but am yet to wear?

Next to consider is skin care.

Do you have metal allergy (allergic contact dermatitis)? If you do, that narrows down your choice to our hypo-allergenic metals such as palladium or platinum.

Yellow and rose gold is automatically out of the question (depending on how severe or acute your metal allergy is) because these precious metals are totally non-hypoallergenic.

You can still go for sterling silver (least hypoallergenic) or white gold (less hypo-allergenic) since we rhodium plate these jewelry items to help protect against metal allergy, but would you be willing to risk it?

Finally, budget is also something important to consider.

Do you like the look of platinum but it just doesn’t agree with your budget; why not go for palladium or white gold? Do you like the warm look of yellow gold but you also need to spend only as much; why not go for 10K yellow gold instead of 18K yellow gold?

Following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to zero in on what type of precious metal that appeals to you and that you believe will suit you best.

Happy shopping!

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