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Which Center Stone Size Is Best For Me/Her?

Which Center Stone Size Is Best For Me/Her?

Choosing the size of your ring’s center stone – is bigger always better?

Unlike buying cubic zirconia, moissanite or other diamond simulant jewelry, when you choose white sapphire, you don't have to feel any trace of embarrassment for not having a real precious gemstone on your ring or earrings set, because well, white sapphires are actual precious gemstones.

So if you're a precious gemstone purist, you can proudly wear and flaunt your white sapphire jewelry knowing very well that you're not wearing an imitation gem.

And here's a plus!

Would you expect someone who owns a 4 carat genuine diamond ring to wear the ring daily?

Of course not!

That ring will be under lock and key and will only see the light of day a few hours at a time, before getting stored away in a vault with 12 inch titanium walls, tucked away 10 storeys underground and guarded by Godzilla and the Kraken.

But when you choose white sapphire, not only are you getting a genuine precious stone, but you're also not overspending tens of thousands of dollars for something you'll be too afraid to wear lest someone cuts off your entire hand for it.

The price of even a 5-carat or 6-carat white sapphire is so affordable, you can buy 1 ring to wear each day of the week with what you'll spend buying a small diamond ring - with some change to spare.

So that brings us to a question of aesthetics.

Some center stones look larger than they actually are. Examples of these are the emerald cut, the oval cut, the radiant cut or even the pear cut. Even 1.0 carat (7mm x 5mm) or 2.0 carat stones (8.5mm x 6.5mm) of these shapes will appear larger than they actually are. Combined with a thin or narrow shank, these center stones really pop out. And when set north-south (along the length of the finger), these stone shapes can even make your finger appear longer or more slender.

You can find out more about how to choose the right center stone shape with our article, Which Center Stone Shape Is Best For Me/Her?

Large sized stones 3.0 carats and up will look good on larger hands, but would look awkward on smaller hands. There are certain stone shapes that would look better with bigger sizes, such as the asscher cut or even the cushion cut. Ultimately, the way a large stone is set, as well as the overall design of the ring will dictate whether the ring looks good or not.

Another thing to consider when choosing a large center stone is a halo setting. Depending on how it is designed, the ring may start looking overwhelming, or even atrocious. Furthermore, a large center stone may not really look flattering with a bridge setting.

On the other hand, smaller sized stones, may look conservative, but when combined with a good setting – a cathedral setting, or accented with side stones – rings with smaller sized stones may appear elegant and would really flatter the hand that wears them.

Smaller stones combined with a split band or a bypass band also tends to look sophisticated especially when worn on slender fingers. Just don’t go for something that would require a microscope for someone to admire your ring.

Speaking of accent stones and settings, a small sized center stone may be made to appear larger when combined with a halo setting. A cluster setting (several small stones set close together usually with shared prongs) will also give the impression of a larger sized center stone. Moreover, combining a small center stone with side stones that are just slightly smaller than it, may also give the illusion that you have a larger center stone.

Here at WhiteSapphire.com, we strive to make your shopping experience for your engagement ring (or anniversary rings, or earrings, or pendants) as enjoyable and as stress free as possible. If you’re unsure about the size of the center stone for your jewelry piece, we are willing to send you a sample pack of stones in exchange of a small deposit that will count towards your final purchase cost.

Ultimately, choosing the size of your center stone lies on your personal preference. Know, though, that if you ever need help deciding, whether it's the size, shape, setting or design for your perfect engagement ring, we’ll always be ready, willing and able to help as best as we can.

Happy shopping!

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