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WhiteSapphire.com's Ultimate Wedding Playlist

WhiteSapphire.com's Ultimate Wedding Playlist

Ah, weddings...

The bride looking lovely and radiant in her immaculate white wedding gown, with her bridesmaids doting on and fussing over her…

The groom looking dashing and more handsome as ever but nervously pacing with the groomsmen teasing him and saying they lost the rings just to watch him squirm, and end up laughing with him and encouraging him…

The parents from both sides teary eyed, sobbing, smiling, sad over “losing a child”, but also happy for “gaining a new one”...

Family, friends and guests happily chatting away and excited to witness the exchange of vows between two hearts destined for each other…

Flowers blooming and decorating the aisle and the halls...

The champagne chilling in shiny silver buckets…

The scent of the sumptuous feast wafting from the pavilion...

Gifts piled high in a corner…

Photographers alert and ready to immortalize each moment with candid snapshots…

Everything seems perfect.

Everyone seems to be in their rightful place.

But there is one intangible element that is essential to getting the mood just right – romantic, joyful, in love…without which the day just won’t be as special...

We’re talking about the MUSIC.

No wedding could be complete without music.

There's music being played via the sound system or played live by wedding performers (a band or solo artist), often both, during the ceremony, after it and during the reception.

Traditionally, “Mendelssohn’s Wedding March" is played as the bride walks down the aisle.

Nowadays, many couples prefer to play their own choice of songs, not only during the bride’s entrance, but in practically every part of the ceremony and afterwards for certain special moments at the reception and party.

A wedding playlist is not a trivial matter and we won’t treat it as such here at WhiteSapphire.com!

For the bride and groom, the choice of the ultimate wedding playlist of songs can dictate what emotions are evoked during various parts of the entire affair.

That’s right...because music has the power to move not just the feet and hips, but the very heart and soul of the listener!

How about this?

  • Choice pop songs during the waiting period while people arrive at the venue, waiting for the ceremony to begin…
  • The couple’s second favorite love song during the entrance of the entourage…
  • Choice gospel songs during the ceremony…
  • The couple’s first favorite love song (theme song, if you will) erupting just after or even during the “You may kiss the bride” part…
  • Choice soft jazz or upbeat, romantic country numbers during the reception when people are being seated…
  • A funny, romantic song playing as they stuff each other’s face with cake
  • A special slow rock ballad or R&B number for the couple’s first dance…
  • A certain significant song to provide the backdrop for a dance of the groom with his mother, and the bride with her father
  • A good selection of “group dance” songs to get the feet a steppin’ (Did someone say “Electric Slide”?)
  • A special, significant song to showcase a public dance of him with her mother and her with his father
  • A somewhat naughty ditty to provide the ambiance for a flower bouquet toss and/or when he removes her leg garter to toss to the single guys
  • Some pop songs and even fast dance, hip-hop, reggae, salsa and techno music during the dance-party portion of the evening…

Though a great musical act or DJ can take a lot of the heavy-lifting and “do it for you”, ultimately we think the choice of music to be played is all up to the newlyweds. How much or how little you want to be involved is up to you. And most musical acts and DJs are totally open to working from your needs. Some help and assistance may be offered by a wedding coordinator, but the final say usually belongs to the special couple.

With this in mind, choosing a wedding playlist may prove to be a daunting task considering the huge amount of musical material to choose from.

It is our goal here at WhiteSapphire.com to provide you with information that matters, about not just jewelry but the moments that matter: romantic times, anniversaries, courting your special someone, gift-giving occasions, and of course weddings and engagements.

Whether it be writing about proposal ideas, ways to spice things up in your relationship, finding out her ring size, the choice of engagement rings, how to pick wedding rings, date night ideas, anniversary gift ideas, etc, we strive to provide not just jewelry but a helpful source of information you can trust with regards to your romantic relationship.

That being said, here we’ve endeavored to assist you with a wedding playlist you can take and use as-is, or treat as a starting list for you to create your own.

This 100+ song list includes popular songs encompassing different musical genres, from jazz, to rock ballads, to R&B and even dance! These hits transcend multiple musical periods from the 1940’s to the present. Our goal is such that if someone were to use this playlist as-is, no matter who the guests are, there would be at least a couple songs on this list that each guest will love.

We’ve arranged and organized these songs according to what we think will be the best time during the entire wedding ceremony each song can be played. But feel free to re-arrange if you want.

Here is WhiteSapphire.com’s Ultimate Wedding Playlist:

During The Bridal Entourage:

During The Entrance of the Bride (besides the traditional Wedding March)

During The Ceremony (soft background music)

“You May Kiss the Bride!”

Couple’s First Dance

Rock Ballads for the Couple’s Dance

Group Dance Songs

Party/Dance Songs:

Slow R&B Dance Songs

Mother and Son/Father and Daughter Dance

Miscellaneous Songs to be Played While Waiting For The Ceremony to Begin/While Waiting To Get Seated During The Reception

You can click on each of the titles to listen to each song in YouTube.


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