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Make Your White Sapphire Jewelry Stand Out

Make Your White Sapphire Jewelry Stand Out

When it comes to diamond alternative jewelry, a lot of people fall back to either cubic zirconia or moissanite. And quite understandably so, since these 2 diamond simulants bear the closest resemblance to genuine diamonds in terms of sparkle, brilliance and fire.

However, moving steadily and consistently up the ranks is white sapphire.

Not only because white sapphires are actual precious gemstones, compared to both cubic zirconia and moissanite which are simulant stones and semi-precious stones respectively, but also because of it's relatively low price considering it a rare precious mineral.

This means that if you're looking for a diamond alternative precious gemstone jewelry piece, you can not go wrong with white sapphires.

Perhaps the main disadvantage white sapphires have is the fact that they don't have the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds.

If viewed side by side with a genuine flawless diamond, a white sapphire will appear less fiery. Its color can be described as cloudy or even milky.

White sapphires may not sparkle and shine as much as genuine diamonds, but somehow these stones are still able to hold their own against the competition. In fact, one writer described the difference between these stones this way:

"If diamonds sparkle and shine brilliantly like the sun in summer, white sapphires glow mesmerizingly like the full moon in winter."

White sapphires may not be as eye-catchingly shiny as diamonds, but they're just as hypnotic once you set your eyes on them.

So, how do you make your white sapphire jewelry stand out?

A common way is to pair it with an attention-grabbing  precious metal.

A 1.5 carat (7.5mm) Round cut white sapphire, prong set on a thin rose gold band in a simple solitaire design is sure to draw "oooh's" and "ahhh's" from anyone who sees it.

Check out our collection of rose gold mountings for your choice of white sapphire stone shapes here

Alternatively, a 1.0 carat (6mm) Cushion cut white sapphire adorned with a halo of 1mm or 1.5mm accent stones set on a yellow gold band will certainly look stunning and elegant.

Check out our collection of yellow gold mountings for your choice of white sapphire stone shapes here

Want something truly out of this world? Why not go for a 2-tone precious metal mounting consisting of a combination of either white gold and rose gold, white gold and yellow gold, or even rose gold and yellow gold, coupled with a intricate halo setting or accented prongs.

Check out our collection of 2-tone precious metal mountings for your choice of white sapphire stone shapes here

If you prefer white metals such as sterling silver, white gold, palladium or platinum, make sure to opt for a high polish finish so the luster of the white metal gets lent to the white sapphire stone set on it. Choose a "bare" setting such as a tall prong setting or even a cathedral setting which allows the white sapphire to stand out.

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 metal mountings for your choice of white sapphire stone shapes here

Bezel setting white sapphire is not recommended as the enclosed setting tends to even add to the cloudiness of the stone. This is also the case with channel setting white sapphire accent stones.

After all is said and done, it all boils down to the user's preference, whether to go for a design that screams for attention or to go for a more subdued and conservative style. But one thing is sure, when you choose WhiteSapphire.com white sapphires, you can be assured of the highest quality genuine white sapphire stones set on your choice of the highest quality precious metals, created with the expert craftsmanship our company has been known for, resulting in white sapphire jewelry pieces worthy to be prized and treasured, whether as a part of your daily wardrobe, as an accent to an elegant ensemble, or to be passed on as a family heirloom.

Go ahead and choose your white sapphire style now.

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