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Here Are The Top 25 Reasons To Shop With WhiteSapphire.com – Your Untouched, Unspoiled, All Precious Choice For White Sapphire Jewelry

Here Are The Top 25 Reasons To Shop With WhiteSapphire.com – Your Untouched, Unspoiled, All Precious Choice For White Sapphire Jewelry
      1. We’re (obsessively!) passionate about white sapphires and white sapphire jewelry! This wonderful precious stone is our primary focus. We know it. We love it. So will you! And once you see our white sapphire stones set onto our customizable ring, earrings, pendant and other jewelry mountings made from your choice of precious metals - you'll never think of shopping for white sapphire and white sapphire jewelry items anywhere ever again!
      3. Your online payment is secure! We've invested top dollar in equipping our e-commerce store with a secure SSL-protected online shopping system, which is the same as what Amazon.com or any well-known online merchant uses in their online stores. We don't store your payment information after purchase. In fact, we never even have access to your credit/debit card details directly, since your payment goes through a secure "gateway".
      5. We're an online-only shop! That means our white sapphire ring, necklaces, earrings, and pendant prices, along with our white sapphire loose stones, aren't inflated to cover paying the exorbitant overhead costs of running a brick-and-mortar jewelry store. We have no expensive building lease, utilities and property insurance, no fancy jewelry cases filled with investments of in-stock inventory, no company car for the sales manager, no flashy furniture and furnishings to impress anyone who comes into the store (because there's no physical store!), no unnecessary administrative staff, and all the expenses associated with running, keeping and maintaining a physical shop. And those savings we're happy to pass on to our customers in the form of competitively prices white sapphire jewelry you'll be proud to have and pass on to your children and grandchildren as family heirloom.
      7. We are totally transparent with our pricing! Want to know how much profit we'll make on the piece of jewelry you are considering to buy from us? Give us a call before your purchase at 888-355-2484 and-- depending on the gold/silver/palladium/platinum metal market costs that day-- we'll tell you to the PENNY how much we'd make if you go ahead with your purchase - IMMEDIATELY! We're not ashamed to be a for-profit business, because we offer a Lifetime Warranty and we know that our profit-per-sale is much less than any other company that sells white sapphires and white sapphire jewelry items. Why? Simple! They have more expenses to cover!
      9. You save money buying made-to-order finished white sapphire jewelry from our company! This is as opposed to ordering something that is "in stock" to be shipped out to you the same week/day. Unlike many jewelers, we have zero inventory carrying costs because as a contract jewelry manufacturer, every finished jewelry design we make is manufactured upon your order to your specifications. Sure, our manufacturing time may be a week or three (see the product details page for the piece you're interested in for actual estimates), but we strongly believe the quality and savings are worth the wait. Right?
      11. Our company mascot, Bailey, The Service Dog Flunkie! You won’t find a cuter and more appropriate mascot for an online precious stones and precious metals jewelry store. Why? Because we said so. Just look at those lovable eyes and that shiny black coat… (Sigh…) If your dog is cuter, prove it and we will pay you cash on the spot. When you buy from WhiteSapphire.com, you're helping fund Bailey's good habits: frisbee collecting, bone gnawing, Coors Light slurping and just looking darn cute. Plus, he's saving up for acting lessons so he can play in The DogFather Part II, which everyone knows that sequel will be much better than the original classic. As Bailey would tell you, your purchase today ultimately makes the world a better place (for him). Why wait? You know you want to Like Bailey on Facebook!
      13. We only use the highest-quality precious metal materials in manufacturing our finished jewelry! When we say .925 Sterling Silver, pure Palladium, pure 950 Platinum and 10k, 14k, or 18k gold - that's exactly what you get! You may find some "plated" jewelry items on our store, but those will be clearly marked as plated. And did you know that plating gold or silver over cheap metal alloys is how sellers on Amazon and eBay sell low-quality jewelry for dirt-cheap prices? Honest truth! That and cheap slave labor. We don't have any slaves!
      15. We only use the highest-quality white sapphire gemstones in manufacturing our finished jewelry! You did know that white sapphire is a real precious stone, right? So when you get a white sapphire ring from WhiteSapphire.com, you're getting a genuine precious stone and precious metal jewelry you'll be proud to wear anywhere. Same is true when you get a pair of white sapphire earrings or a white sapphire pendant. You can be sure that when you buy any jewelry piece from WhiteSapphire.com, you’re actually making a smart investment (that is, if you subscribe to all that thought). Or maybe you’d like this sentiment better – you won’t be embarrassed to bequeath your WhiteSapphire.com white sapphire jewelry to your children and grandchildren as a family heirloom.
      17. Lots of happy customers! We have happy and satisfied customers all over the world who can tell you they made the right decision trusting our company. It’s about time you became one too, don’t you think?
      19. You can take advantage of our 60 day no-interest financing! We got flexible financing options for our customers that qualify with instant online approvals so you can apply today and buy today. Either that, or you can take advantage of our easy layaway terms if you don’t qualify for credit. If you really want a WhiteSapphire.com jewelry piece, just talk to us and we’ll see what we can do for you. Check out our financing options here.
      21. Nothing we sell is "made in China"! Frankly, in this globalized neighborhood, consumers are all beginning to learn that that stamp is code for "cheap and poorly put together with suspect materials by exploited human beings working for a dollar a day". But when you buy from WhiteSapphire.com, you can be assured all of our finished jewelry products are hand-crafted in and shipped from the United States. Not because the United States is a great country, but because we're based here. Makes sense?
      23. We offer FREE shipping! For orders over $300 USD, you get your order shipped free of charge. Otherwise, we only charge $6.00 or 7.00 USD flat rate shipping on smaller orders shipped within the 50 states in domestic United States where we are based. We also ship to Canada, Mexico, Australia, to more than 50 countries in Europe and the rest of the world for a $25.00 USD flat rate shipping fee. Domestically, we typically ship 2 day ground shipping with USPS, Fedex or UPS. Internationally, we do the best we can on a country-by-country basis. Bottomline is, wherever you are – as long as you’re within the planet – we can ship your WhiteSapphire.com order to you.
      25. Our company owners are intimately involved in the business! They regularly monitor all customer service, and are happy to make themselves available by phone to any customer for any reason. YOU are important to us.
      27. We can custom create any piece of jewelry you can dream of! If you can't find a pre-designed piece of jewelry you really want on our website, we can custom make anything you dream up with our custom jewelry and replicas program-- offering free quotes within 48 hours.
      29. We are managed by one of the best – if not THE BEST, teams in this business! WhiteSapphire.com is owned and managed by the same people behind CubicZirconia.com – the world’s No.1 choice for cubic zirconia and precious metals jewelry since 1999. The same kind of quality craftsmanship, impeccable designs, outstanding customer service and top of the line materials go into each WhiteSapphire.com jewelry piece in keeping with CubicZirconia.com’s tradition of excellence.
      31. We treat customers how we want to be treated as customers! Period.
      33. You can take advantage of 2 ring and 3 ring discounts! If you're purchasing any combination of rings at the same time from: our engagement rings collection, our anniversary bands collection, our ladies' wedding bands collection, or our gentlemen's wedding bands collection, we’ll automatically offer you a multi-ring discount of up to 8% off your total purchase price. Other jewelers may do the same but they typically won't offer it unless you ask about it. On the other hand, we give a substantial discount to our multi-ring purchasers without you even having to ask for one. Why? Because we can – and because it's the right thing to do.
      35. We give discounts and gifts just because! White Sapphire.com is a relatively new site but our fast-growing following is such that we already have buying customers in 20 out of the 50 states of the United States. And since we want to serve everyone and make our mark on every state, if you happen to be our first customer in one of the remaining 30 states we don’t have a customer in yet, we’ll give you a choice of either $100 off your white sapphire jewelry order or a free pair of white sapphire earrings. Just because! You can check out the list of states below and see if yours isn’t checked yet. If it’s not, you can head off to WhiteSapphire.com, pick and purchase one of our lovely jewelry items and as soon as you receive your order confirmation, forward it to admin@whitesapphire.com with “ATTN: Danny Welsh” on the first line and your choice of either the discount or the gift on the second line and we’ll make it happen! See, we’re fun that way!
      37. We’re your one-stop-shop for all things white sapphire – and more! Not only can you find information about white sapphire on our site, you’ll also find info on engagement rings, wedding bands, traditional anniversary gifts, marriage proposal ideas, relationship advice, wedding ideas, and more!
      39. Choosing white sapphire is an intelligent and conscientious choice! By choosing WhiteSapphire.com white sapphires as an alternative precious stone, you are saying "No more!" to "Blood diamonds" and to the violence these overrated stones represent. Yes, we are a proud supporter of the international effort to stop blood diamonds. Buy now from our company and send an emphatic "No more!" to the greedy practices, false scarcity tactics, and brainwashing-level advertising conducted by one of the world's most monopolistic cartels, the ruthless human rights abusers that sully the shady side of the diamond industry.
      41. Our company motto – "Untouched. Unspoiled. All precious." It embodies the fact that white sapphires are actually the rarest of all sapphires because they are formed without being tainted by other minerals and trace elements. Yet despite it's relative rarity, it commands a competitive price while retaining its status as a true-blue (or white!) precious gemstone.
      43. We respect your surprise! We ship all purchase in plain packaging, with no recognizable company name on the return label, and provide package delivery tracking from our doorstep to yours, so we'll never ruin your surprise gift!
      45. We give incentives to customers who share our business via social media! We keep advertising costs low by incentivizing our customers to share our store via social media to let the world (and your friends) know what you bought. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter -- simply share and save.
      47. Unlike retail jewelers, we don't pay salespeople commissions! And that effectively keeps our prices competitive.
      49. You can shop with confidence knowing we offer a 60 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee AND a lifetime warranty on all of our finished jewelry products and retail loose stones! With the exception of custom made orders, all products bought from our store enjoy the best warranty and guarantee this side of the precious stones and precious metals jewelry business. This is pretty rare among both retail jewelers and companies that sell jewelry on the Internet. Why do we offer such great return terms? Two reasons: we would want it as a customer ourselves, and also because sometimes buying online can be scary for some people (and we want to take that uncertainty away).

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