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Disaster Averted, Proposal Success! (WhiteSapphire.com's Proposal Loaner Ring Program)

Disaster Averted, Proposal Success! (WhiteSapphire.com's Proposal Loaner Ring Program)

"It’s a disaster!!!"

You’ve planned for your Caribbean Cruise for almost a year now. You and your girlfriend have been looking forward to this trip for months. You’re both done shopping for the clothes you’ll bring on the trip. Both your leaves of absence in your respective work offices have been approved. All the preparations have been made and you’re just waiting for the day to arrive.

Your girlfriend has been crazy excited about this, especially these past couple of weeks. As the date of the trip drew nearer and nearer, she gets crazier and crazier too! Out of nowhere, she’ll just burst out giggling and screaming, “We’re going on a cruise!” and you’ll both laugh at her cute silliness.

But secretly, you’ve been hiding your own excitement because this will not just be an ordinary vacation. No sir! This is going to be very special!

You’re going to propose!

You’ve been together for 3 years now and you’ve made up your mind she’s the one. And you know in your heart, she feels the same way too.

Less than a month ago, you’ve placed an order for a gorgeous engagement ring with WhiteSapphire.com.

Yep! You’re getting a white sapphire engagement ring for your wife to be. Not a diamond - a white sapphire. You’re a getting a pure 950 Platinum engagement ring with a white sapphire stone.

Of course you know the difference between all these stones. You know that a diamond shines a lot more brilliantly than a white sapphire. You know that a diamond is far more expensive and valuable than a white sapphire. But you don’t care. You don’t care because you know your girlfriend does not care about it either.

You know for a fact that your girlfriend has been secretly eyeing that ring ever since you both discovered the website from a Facebook ad. She was intrigued by the site’s tagline, “Untouched. Unspoiled. All precious.” while your interest got piqued by the unbelievable price tags. You knew she couldn’t care less about not having a real diamond engagement ring. She’s a practical girl and that’s one of the things you love about her.

But, you're not getting her just any ring too! A white sapphire is a genuine precious gemstone too, so you know you're getting her the "real thing" by all intents and purposes. 

Fact is, you’ve done your homework. A similar ring set with a genuine diamond would have cost you ten times as much – enough to buy an engagement ring and both your wedding rings from WhiteSapphire.com, and have some more to spend on a romantic honeymoon - which is exactly what you did. And you’re pretty sure your future wife is going to be very pleased with the decision you made.

In fact, you distinctly remember her jokingly tell you, “If you end up spending an arm, a leg, a spleen and half a liver buying me a diamond ring, I’ll break up with you. And then you’ll be in over your head in debt, missing organs and all, for nothing!

That would have been scary, had she not given you a big kiss afterwards.

Moreover, you want her to wear her ring every single day of your life together. She wouldn't do that with a ring that's worth tens of thousands of dollars. But you know, she'll be proud to wear this ring everyday as if proclaiming to the world she's your and yours alone. 

You’ve been dancing in the clouds after placing an order for the ring. You can already see the expression on her face and hear her say, “Yes” as soon as you pop the question!

It’s going to be perfect!

Until 5 minutes ago…

You reread the email you received from WhiteSapphire.com for the umpteenth time. One line stood out from the rest of the short message…

Shipping of your ring will be delayed.

Apparently, there was a problem with casting so the ring will have to be recast, thereby pushing back the estimated shipping date another week.

"Another week!"

That would already be 3 days into your cruise!

"It’s a disaster!!!"

As you begin to type up hell’s rage as a reply to that cursed email, you get a notification for a new message.

It’s from WhiteSapphire.com and you think, “Here’s more bad news from these spawns of satan!

Nonetheless, you opened the email and read the first couple lines. Your temper gets checked and you think, “Well, that’s interesting…

And you read on.

The email was from Teresa and she’s got an interesting proposal of her own.

We really do apologize for the delay in manufacturing your ring. But here’s what we can do for you. We can send you a “temporary ring” under our Proposal Loaner Ring Program. Here’s how we do this:"

"You can choose from our selection of on-hand rings from our clearance collection. Once you choose one, we’ll have it resized to your specification and send it you right away, so you’ll have a “proper” engagement ring for when you propose – a Proposal Loaner Ring."

"Meanwhile, we’ll move forward with the manufacture of your ring as normal. As soon as we receive back the loaner ring, we’ll ship you your actual ring."

"How does that sound?

And as your brain goes into overdrive trying to process this information, you checked out the loaner ring options Teresa sent.

You were blown away!

One of the rings was almost an exact replica of the ring you ordered except for 2 small stones set underneath the center stone on either side. It was pretty! Might even be prettier than your actual order.

You sit back and think, “This could work! This could actually work!

You deleted the initial rant response you were typing and started creating a new reply.

That’s an interesting proposal you have there, Teresa. Frankly, I’m still pissed about the delay on my order but your suggestion made plenty of sense. I even picked out a ring from the selection you provided. I have a question though, how the hell am I going to tell my girlfriend I need to send the ring back right after I proposed?

Just as you hit “Send”, the enormity of the situation suddenly hit you and you feel your temper slowly rising back up. You feel you’ve just been sidetracked by that “interesting” proposal. How the heck are you going to tell your girlfriend, “Hey darling. I would need that ring back so I can return it to WhiteSapphire.com and they can send me your real ring.”

You start typing another crazed reply when a new message comes in.

It’s a response from WhiteSapphire.com. This time, it’s from Trevor.

"Now what?!" was all you can say. But you open the email nonetheless.

Hi there! Teresa just told me about the pickle we put you in and so I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize sincerely about this."

"Teresa also shared with me your concern about how you’re going to tell your girlfriend that you need to return the engagement ring you just gave her in exchange for her real ring. That is a tough question – but not one that we can’t handle." :-)

"You see we’ve been running this Proposal Loaner Ring for some time now and we’ve gotten feedback from all the men, like you, how they handled the situation."

"One scenario has a 100% success rate!"

"Here it goes:"

"Wait 10 minutes after she says “Yes”, hold her hand, gently give it a squeeze, look her straight in the eyes, and then tell her, “Listen, I screwed up. I don’t want the first thing between us in this new stage of our relationship to be a lie. So here it is: That ring I gave you is not your engagement ring. It was just loaned to me by the manufacturer who’s making your actual engagement ring. The thing is, I wanted your ring to be so perfect and so beautiful I inadvertently pushed the manufacturing time further and further back because of all the details I want to put into it. But don’t worry, as soon as you see the real ring, you’ll be so happy and in love with it, you’d probably end up marrying it instead of me! For now, I want us to enjoy this moment and just look forward to a happy life together.” Then hold her hand in such a way that your fingers intertwine and say, “See, our fingers locked together this way looks a lot better than all the rings in the world combined!” And then give her a kiss."

"Smooth, huh?

You begin to play out the scenario in your mind and think, “Not bad. Not bad at all!

So you deleted your second rant email and typed a new one.

Let’s do it!

A week later, the ring arrives.


It looks even prettier up close!

You put it back inside its gift box and tucked it inside your luggage. In 2 days, you leave for your cruise.

It’s going to be alright after all.

You can't hardly wait!


"This is it!"

I’m finally doing it!

It’s your last night aboard the cruise ship. The dinner was particularly sumptuous and romantic.

The waiter just served dessert and poured you and your girlfriend champagne.

You gave the waiter a subtle nod – a prearranged signal from earlier in the evening – and he smiled and retreated towards the live band and whispered to one of the musicians.

They began playing your girl’s song.

As your girlfriend looked at you in acknowledgement of the song, you drop to one knee and looked her straight in the eye.

Darling, we’ve been together for 3 years now and it’s been an incredible journey. But now, I want to go on an entirely new adventure and I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else but you.

You feel everyone in the restaurant looking at both of you. You take the ring box out of your pocket and open it. Her eyes welled up.

Will you marry me?

Yes! Oh yes!” was all she could say before she hugged you close, and everyone applauded.

It went perfectly as you had envisioned!

You slipped the ring onto her finger and she lovingly stared at it, then back at you all teary eyed and said, “It’s so pretty! I love you so much!

I love you more.

Now for phase 2. I hope that Trevor guy is right”, you think to yourself as you counted down 10 minutes.

Just as you were preparing to recite Trevor’s script, your girlfriend says…

You remember that site we checked out that sold white sapphire rings? I had my eyes on one of their designs that looked exactly like this except for these 2 stones right here. I think this is called peek-a-boo. I was already in love with the ring I saw and imagined you proposing with it, until I saw this ring. I love this ring so much better than that one! I’m so glad you picked this one! It’s really amazing how you understand and know what I want!

Well, what do you know!

Things turned out even better than you hoped!

"Way to go, Teresa!"

"Way to go, Trevor!"

"Way to go, WhiteSapphire.com!"

Now it’s just a matter of getting in touch with them, cancelling the original order and settling the price difference.

But don’t you worry about that.

Right now, enjoy your night and rest assured, WhiteSapphire.com will make things work for you. That’s what they do. That’s what they’re all about.


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